What is Simply Swank Primer?

Simply Swank Primer is our base product and works well in conjunction with our deodorant. It is made from simple & effective ingredients: organic & alive aloe vera, cucumber seed oil, organic castor oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil – all oils are organic and are therapeutic quality. Only the best – for the best.

Primer will last for one month – 2 months if refrigerated. (AmazonSmile Affiliate – I earn a small commission if you purchase off my site). Because the ingredients are fresh and include only citrus oil for preservatives, it will only last for a month unrefrigerated. It is used best cold, which reduces inflammation and swelling, super COOL. haha, punny. That cute little refrigerator would look so cool in your bathroom. How fancy of you to have that now?!

Versatility of Simply Swank Primer

This is such a powerful product! I use for many purposes. I use it after shaving to soothe and protect after removing a small layer of skin. We use it on sunburns, and scrapes. It’s also an effective diaper rash ointment.

Simply Swank Primer is a great moisturizer too. All of the ingredients claim to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. SCORE. It is an awesome, potent serum and I am so excited to share it with you. We should all feel very special when we care for our bodies. That is how I feel when I use Simply Swank Primer. I pray that you feel the same way too!

Tech Talk:

My genius husband is a technician. He can take a motor apart and put it back together with his eyes closed. He explained this to me: We prime an engine to start, priming a motor gives it the fuel it needs to crank. Without the initial prime, the motor will struggle to start. The prime makes it more effective.

My husband is also a decorated athlete, setting personal bests in super challenging sports: football, wrestling, track, hockey, basketball, baseball, dirt bike riding, MMA, powerlifting, and Crossfit. Priming is warming up before a game. You can’t just take off on a dead sprint and expect to perform well. You must warm up first, or prime.

Here are some Thinking Questions.

Doesn’t it make sense to prime your skin so it can react or fight the way God designed? Does your skin need to heal? Sure does. Does it need to moisturize? Yes! Does it need to protect? Absolutely. Primer promotes optimal skin function without chemicals and preservatives to hinder what it does best.

Customer Testimonials:

The primer is AMAZING! I notice a healthy glowing finish to my skin after months of use – reduced fine lines and wrinkles and a smoothness that looks so healthy. But I noticed it right away! The benefits just continue with use. I love the way I feel using these products. And I LOVE that my whole body benefits, too! THANK YOU, Simply Swank Wellness! – Lori Raleigh

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